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N. Ioannidis  is a composer, musicologist, multi-instrumentalist performer, media theorist, and digital media creative producer (BA Music & Media Studies, MA Digital Media Studies, PhD  Musicology)

These are several titles from a collection of essays by N. Ioannidis, originally published in 2002.

Internet and systems of governance

How feasible is the ideal of participatory democracy through the Internet

Media Violence

Video games and desensitization to violence. Are they correlated?

Gender and sexuality

Gender and sexuality: A changing part of a changing mechanism. The contest over biological versus cultural interpretation of sexual and gender identities

Media policy and regulation

How do different interested parties understand the current problems of policy and regulation of national media?

Web advertising and the future of advertising


Essay on the role of modern classical music

Is there (should there be) a mainstream audience for modern classical music? Has modernism lost it?

Music and Tragedy

Analysis of the allemande from the English Suite No 3 in G minor.(J.S Bach)

Organized sound and everyday life

Analysis of the Op.10 nr.3 sonata by Beethoven




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