LYRICS - IOANNIDIS NIKOLAOSBe a master of your fate!

Song title: Be a master of your fate!

CD album: Be a master of your fate!

Genre: classical

Arrangement: 12-string guitar, electric guitar, vocals, drums, bass, keyboard.

Lyrical subject: the need for social and political change, not by means of mass struggle but by a change in the mentality and attitudes of individuals. Music, Lyrics, Arrangement, Performance : IOANNIDIS NIKOLAOS -

Ioannidis N. is a composer, musicologist, multi-instrumentalist performer, media theorist, and digital media creative producer (with formal qualifications in Music, Musicology, Media Studies, and Digital Media Studies)



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Be a master of your fate!


Thought you were unable to know

 what's right and wrong;

so let decisions be made for you,

 plotted behind closed doors.


Trusted property and life

 with those who mastered lying;

who are always doing the unjust 

and always justifying.


Now you're angry; 

you declare, you'll no more endure;

where your anger to direct,

really not being sure.


Sick and tired, can stand no more

 being silent and paying;

you feel you can demand much more;

 you need to have a say.


Be a master of your fate!

Take life in your hands!

No more enemy of change!

Time to be a friend.


Needn't shout, needn't take to the streets; 

hold your mind still!

this rebellion' s bloodshed free; 

all it takes is will.



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