The essay "Web advertising and the future of avertising" by N. IOANNIDIS  is no longer available on this site.

To look for other works by IOANNIDIS you can follow the links below.

For a list of other online essays on Music and Media by IOANNIDIS you can visit his ESSAYS page.


A list of all IOANNIDIS' works (musical works, lyrics, essays, translations of classical texts) is available at his WORKS page.


MP3 files of his musical works (samples and some full songs) are available for downloading at the Ioannidis Mp3 page




Works  of interest to classicists and composers 
The Music of Ancient Greeks    an approach to the original singing of the Homeric epics and the lyrical poetry of the 8th-5th century B.C.

MUSIC and RELIGION (extant ancient Greek religious songs, Byzantine chant, Gregorian chant, Quranic chant)

Oedipus Rex English opera. Audio excerpt of this work is available online in mp3 format. Also available is the complete Greek text of Sophocles' tragedy "Oedipus the king".

Also, a new page presenting IOANNIDIS' research project at the University of Sussex will be available here soon. The subject of this research project is the relationship between the ancient Greek musical theory -and practice- and contemporary Western and Near Eastern traditional music.


Works  of interest to poets and lyricists 

Ancient Greek epic and lyrical poems translated into English by Ioannidis  (The original Greek texts are also available on the same page) 

LYRICS 1 and LYRICS  2  (to songs from the albums Mass insanity , BE A MASTER OF YOUR FATE! ,  AREN'T YOU FED UP? ) dealing with the dominant political, social, and ethical issues of our time: the erosion of the nation state, globalization, terrorism, the moral and cultural decadence of modern society.


Works  of interest to music performers

Instrumental performance: 12-string Guitar Works (12 string classical guitar)  Mass insanity (electric guitar, fretless guitar) The Music of Ancient Greeks   (ancient Greek instruments -ancient kithara, aulos, ethnic percussion).

Vocal performance: MUSIC and RELIGION (including some tracks with performance of ancient Greek instruments)



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